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Blooming Circle

20 MARCH - Terceira Island - Azores

With joy we invite you to participate in this gathering that will be facilitated by Ana Oliveira and Gabriela Juarez.


In celebration of Spring, this gatering aims to awaken the expression of our Soul, inspiring our divine BEING to blossom in its mother language. So often we search for our truth, our gifts, but we can only recognize these expressions of our Soul when we align ourselves through our body, heart and mind.

Gabi will support each participant to unblock the physical aspect through the dance of the 5 elements. Ana will support the connection to the Soul dimension. And together they will provide the creation of these expressions through intuitive art.

This gatering , with limited places, will take place at Shanti Yoga Terceira, in Angra do Heroísmo, from 2:30pm to 5pm.

Who is this gathering for?

To anyone who wants to awake their soul expression through dance and also through intuitive art. It is not necessary to know how to dance, draw or paint. The purpose of this meeting is to establish the connection with the various dimensions of our BEING, so that we can be in fullness. It is an invitation to this opening and also to celebrate this spring energy that invites us to share and recognize the beauty of our BEING. May this meeting be the blossoming of our Soul.


Sorry, this event already close the registrations

We are launching an early bird for registrations until February 8th for 33€.

Registration after February 8th: 44€.

(values without VAT)

The price includes materials, but for those who feel you can also bring your favorite art materials.

Payments: Mbway, PayPal, bank transfer or cash

Registrations open until March 13th.

What is necessary to bring?

  • Comfortable clothes

  • Good mood

Place that will host us:

Shanti Yoga - Ilha Terceira - Hangra do Heroismo

The Soul wants to express its essence and its gifts, so that it can live on purpose.

Who are we?

Our souls crossed the Atlantic and met in Lisbon. United in the same artistic residency we began to reflect the mirror of the Soul and to understand that we could work together in order to share the fire of the Argentinean and the language of the Lusitanian matrix.

Ana Oliveira

Plastic artist with training in several therapeutic areas. Her life mission is to inspire people through the Soul dimension, helping to understand the various layers of our BEING, from its densest to its most divine components.

Gabriela Juárez

Transpersonal systemic therapist specialized in "Inner awareness & Trauma healing". She helps people to welcome all parts of themselves, creating a safe space for those parts to emerge and blocked emotions to be released. She also facilitates regular meetings and ceremonies to connect with the vulnerability and authenticity of the soul.


This meeting will require a minimum of 10 people to be held.

In case of any impediment by the organization of this meeting, the registration fees will be returned.

If the participant makes his registration but for some reason can not attend, the organization of this meeting is not committed in refunding the amount. The participant may take the initiative to find someone who would like to participate in his place, thus making this exchange.