Who am I?

My name is Ana Oliveira, and since I was a little girl I remember my past lives. Those memories, took me to travel through time and space, from where I was nurtured with insecurities, running away from myself. In silence and solitude I always found the safe space to return to myself, and with that I learned to recognize the beauty of emptiness, to listen the silence and see the invisible. In insecurity, fear, and the unknown, I had the opportunity to recognize my shadows and my challenges, and since then, action has led me to see the potential of these gifts that until then I saw as a curse.

Through art, I began to channel these experiences, initially expressing my pain and frustration, until I understood that my artwork was my language, and of course, a way to communicate universally. Thus began a new chapter in my life, unifying the various disciplines and techniques that I loved, creating my own working method.

Amidst the challenge of assuming my own sensitivity and peculiar way of seeing the World, I have dedicated the last years to supporting each Being in the recognition of their essence, truth and potential.

Since I started in Akashic Records, I have dedicated myself to the study of the Soul dimension, to which I connect to understand the process of each Being, because that is where we find the book of life, which can lead us to the whole history of the person, to understand their origin, beliefs, emotional and even physical processes. My focus is to be the bridge of communication by bringing the necessary information, molding that information through art and word.

Amidst my awakening, where I have been learning to reconnect with the wholeness of myself, I was invited to work not only with people but also with the energy of places I call Guardians. Since 2021, after a trip to Egypt, I started receiving this call to go to sacred places, to awaken their matrix, thus also doing this recognition of the energy, the history, the culture, the tradition... for the awakening of the potential of each place, and with that, also of the people, and all the beings that are connected to those places or territories.

I continue on this path as a mere apprentice, but certain that in the same way that the World fills me with more and more inspiration, I can return this inspiration to the World, opening more paths, in an infinite cycle, where I discover how wonderful it is to live.

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