The awakening of the Guardians

awakening of the senses in the Sacred Valley of Aosta


Here is an invitation that will allow you to rediscover your way of feeling.

It is said that in the past, sages and hermits sought the silence of the mountains to connect with the wisdom of the heavens. Among these geographical formations, where it really seems that the Earth wants to reach that elevation, we also find the sacred valleys. The mountain serves as a bridge of connection with external movement (masculine energy) and the valley welcomes, nourishes and invites rest (feminine energy).

The wisdom of the Guardians of these natural places tells us that it's not enough to climb a mountain or walk through a valley to find the connection. It's important to open up internal space and recognize the way each individual feels.


This 4-day retreat is intended to guide you through a reconnection to your senses.

After recognizing the way you feel, we will have the opportunity to merge with nature, and from its beauty we will be invited to create through it. On this trip, we will have the support of two locals who will share with us the history and secrets of this sacred valley, and lead us to some of the natural beauty of this place.


May 19th to 22nd


Day 1 (May 19th) - ANCHORING

The first day will be an invitation to arrive. The route from Malpensa or Turin airport passes through one of the most beautiful parts of the Franciscan path. Don't come in a hurry, take your time to make a stop if you feel like it, even to visit the Holy Shroud in Turin. We'll be waiting for you from 6pm in Aosta at the venue that will be hosting us.

At 7 p.m. we'll have the opening ceremony to introduce ourselves and begin to open our energy and align with the intention of our Awakening.

Day 2 (May 20) - FEELING

This day will be dedicated to awakening the senses. Over the course of the day, we'll do breathing exercises and physical, emotional and mental awareness exercises to become aware of how our BEING works. We will be invited to stimulate our senses, awakening our inner child.

By awakening this essence, we will explore nature from this personal feeling, bringing the inner world into connection with the outer world.

We'll be guided to the town's medicinal garden where we'll play some games.

Finally, we'll end the day by understanding our behaviors and ways of feeling through Human Design.

Day 3 (May 21) - THE POWER OF SENSES

After recognizing the ways in which we feel, we'll drive to one of the most impressive waterfalls in the region for a walk and our Awakening activation.

We will allow ourselves to merge with the place through our senses, to become one with the whole. By recognizing the power of individual feeling, we have the opportunity to ignite collective power through the matrix we create.

On this day we will work on our vibration so that we can unite the various feelings into a unified force.

Day 4 (May 22) - INTEGRATION

We'll start the day with a short conscious breathing session to support the integration of everything we've experienced and share our experiences in order to create the closing circle.

For those who feel like staying longer, we'll invite the group to visit the historic center of Aosta and have lunch there, but the official meeting will end at 11am.



The mountain archetype refers to endurance and time. Because they are peaks that point towards the sky, they are seen as a symbol of spiritual ascension and a place considered sacred in so many stories of mythological and legendary beings inhabit these places.


The archetype of the valley refers to a hermit energy, of rest and repose.

As it is a geographical depression protected by hills, it is seen as a place of refuge, and is represented in stories as a place to heal wounds or catch your breath.


We've all heard of the five senses, traditionally known as sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. These are the senses that allow us to capture images, sounds, tastes, smells and touches, guaranteeing a perception of the whole environment, which gives us the means to survive in it. By recognizing the sensory receptors that each person has most amplified, we can understand how each BEING understands its surroundings.


  • All the activities in the program
  • Shared room
  • Breakfast and one meal a day
  • Outdoor activities included in the program


  • Extra personal expenses that may not be included in the program
  • Single room rate or extra nights
  • Flights
  • Transport (we suggest that you organize yourselves in groups and hire a car at the airport, and we'll set up a telegram group so that you can communicate with each other)

Price per person full package: 644€

SPECIAL OFFER: 599€ (for registrations until February 22)


Registration is limited to a maximum of 18 participants.

To validate your registration, we ask for a deposit of €200. There is the possibility of making phased payments if this is more comfortable for the participant.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who feels the call of the Guardians
  • Anyone who finds it difficult to feel or explain what they feel
  • Mountain lovers



who, since a little girl, remembered past lives and has the ability to connect with subtle energies and access the book of life of people and places. The way I learned to manage these abilities was through art, from where I channel what I feel, see and hear.

For me, art is a tool for reconnecting with our essence, which is why I try to make it present, in different ways, in my work, and with that, invite each person to recognize themselves in their totality, through simple things like contemplation, breath and being.


a Human Design Coach for all ages. When I first came across this knowledge, it helped me a lot to accept myself as I am. It helped to honor my talents and live and act as I always felt it. Today I use this system in workshops and mentorings to realign people with their true individual blueprint. With Human Design you're able to untie huge knots in your self-image and it can lead you to more self-awareness and self-love.


We'll be staying in Saint Pierre, in the Valle d'Aosta, in order to guarantee contact with nature.

The rooms have the simple style of mountain houses, but are equipped with every comfort. Most of them have a balcony and sun loungers to watch the silent spectacle of nature.


In case of the organization not being able to carry out this event, the registration fees will be refunded.

If the participant registers but is unable to attend for some reason, the organization of this retreat does not refund the amount. The participant can take the initiative to find someone who would like to participate I their place, thus making the exchange.