Everything is energy, and this energy can manifest itself through specific languages. The Galactic Codes are a living oracle that translates the messages that the Universe has for you.

Since ancient times, we have used oracles to understand our world a little. We've been using different types of symbols, creating archetypes in order to create a universal language that translates the wisdom of energy through frequencies.

In 11:11, during an event in Capilla del Monte, I began to receive these Codes that came through drawing and information. I called them Galactic because the information arrived via star dimensions.

How does it work?

Through a question you have, I access the information and download the color and the codes, translating them.

Who is it for?

Anyone looking for a clearer vision of an issue or process they may be experiencing.


Simple reading:

Includes: the code to print + the audio with the reading

Reading with call:

Includes: the code to print + the audio with the reading and scheduling a video call to delve deeper into the question lasting 40min.


You will receive the information by e-mail.


It was truly mindblowing to me how Ana - without knowing any information about myself - tapped into my essence so easily. The drawing she did for me included all the colors I recently was obsessed with and the information she gave me deeply resonated with me, and explained a lot of things to me. Looking forward to work more often with her and can recommend everyone to do so! 🌙



Ha sido hermosa mi lectura de Galactic Codes, ya que el código me ayudo a develar muchas emociones ocultas en mí, 🙏 y ahora me siento más unido con el Todo.

Eso entre muchas otras cosas y cambios que he notado. Gracias gracias gracias Ana ❤️

José Rho


The Galatic Codes that you draw for me where amaizing.

They guide me in my process.

They show me a path for my own evolution.



When I had the Calactic Codes reading with Ana, I had no idea what to expect. Ana came up with a beautiful drawing of my galactic code which immediately when I looked at it and was listening to her voice message, opened something up inside of me. From the centre of my plexus, I could feel this tingling energy flowing through my whole body and activating the code. I then put the digital image of my galactic code as a screensaver on my phone, so I can look at it every single day. To my surprise the more I looked at it, the more it activated.

The message of my code was about being in the centre and irradiating my light like a sun. As I was always afraid to be in the centre and shine, I saw this code as an opportunity to rise and show myself. I thank Ana from the bottom of my heart to give me this opportunity and to open up and integrate this aspect of mine.