The awakening of the Guardians

Azores - São Miguel island

What is the Awakening of the Guardians?

The Awakening of the Guardians is a moment of connection, with ourselves, with the place we are awakening and with the group.

In each Awakening of the Guardians we are invited to work on aspects brought by the place itself.

The Azores are made up of 9 islands, from where I see the representation of 9 energy points. The first navigators to reach these islands left a strong mark of Marian devotion, from where they rose and evoked angelic energies and also Saints as the baptismal name of some of the islands.

Santa Maria, was the first island to be discovered, thus representing the Crown of Portugal linked to its Marian devotion. The island of São Miguel, whose blue ray and sword take us back to the opening of the 3rd vision. Following the order of discoveries, we find Terceira Island, from where the trinity opens to the expression of the voice. Now we head to Graciosa, from where our heart expands. Then we find a central sword that evokes the wisdom of São Jorge (Saint Jorge) and the manifestation of the solar plexus, facing Pico Island, the highest point in Portuguese territory, representing the Sacrum and also the dragon. The island of Faial, linked to the beeches, represents the root. Flores Island, with all its waterfalls, refers to the knees and our ancestry. And finally, Corvo, representing the feet, inviting all mental energy to materialize on Earth.

The Awakening of the Guardians of São Miguel Island: What is the intention?

By understanding the energy of São Miguel as the center of vision, we will be able to immediately identify that our external vision is composed of two physical eyes, and our internal vision by a crystal eye (3rd eye). From here we can also divide this aspect, recognizing the female and male vision, linked to each of the parts of our body.

Whenever these concepts are in duality in us, it will be complex to create the trinity of that same aspect. Thus, the invitation is to be able to work on the vision linked to female energy and then linked to male energy, balancing the elements of water and fire, to open the alchemy necessary for the awakening of the crystal vision, thus unifying aspects that may seem different, because they meet separated.

One of the purposes will be to make this balance of elements, recognizing that nothing is totally closed and hermetic. It is an invitation to recognize each duality that may inhabit you, and bring these elements to a place of consciousness, from where we can find the center, generating the strength to recognize the central axis of each person, delivering the power of the sword to each one again.

For this awakening, we will have the energetic support of some of the island's guardians, such as cetaceans, birds and plants.


Summer Solstice: from 19th to 22nd June 2023




One of the symbols of Azores are the various cetaceans found in the ocean, it is through the connection to these animals that we will connect with the information of the waters, bringing awareness of the matrix information contained in the Sea through all the life contained in it.


Here we speak about the inner fire, the vital energy that propels us, like a volcano, to open land in the sea. This energy calls for balance and asks to honor the processes of anger, frustration and revolt, in order to use this energy to create something new.

We will be working with the intraterrestial guardians of fire.


After integrating the information of WATER and FIRE (feminine and masculine), we will combine both aspects in a single crystal, thus unifying the visions in the same center: our pineal, activating the 3rd eye.


Transfer from the airport and to the Convent of São Francisco, the place that will welcome us.

Accommodation for 3 nights in a shared or single room (extra value on request).

Vegetarian food with breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner

Energy support

Activities, exercises and walks

Boat for whale watching

Entrance ticket to the hot springs

Transfers between activities

Transfer from the Convent to the airport.


Flights or travel to Ponta Delgada;

Travel or personal insurance;

Extra personal costs.

Value of the retreat: 777€ (value without VAT) - for registrations until May 20th.

If you are a resident of São Miguel Island, you can follow the activities for a special price. Please submit the application or leave a message so we can send you all the details.


Registrations are limited to maximum 16 participants, through completing the registration form and validating the registration and to a minimum of 8 participants.

To validate your registration, we ask you a 200€ signage. There is the possibility of making phased payments if it is more comfortable for the participant.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who feels the call of the Guardians of the Azores;
  • For those who feel that sometimes they cannot unify their vision;
  • For those who need to awaken the 3rd vision and broaden their awareness;
  • For fans of cetaceans, lagoons, crystals or the mystical.

The place that will host us:

Convento de São Francisco in Vila Franca do Campo

Starting time:

Reception will start from 4:30pm on the 19th june

Finising time:

The closing of the retreta will happen with lunch on the 22nd June. Participants will be free after the meal.



Intuitive artist and guardian of the Soul dimension, Ana has dedicated her life to unifying art and therapy, using her work and sensibility to recognize your soul expression, also inspiring others in their awakening of consciousness and also almic.

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Azores, in the beginning of its occupation, received influences from the Franciscans, which by stripping of from material goods became monks connected to nature and all vegetal and animal elements in a very symbolic and deep way. It´s curious that they represent the feminine aspect. Later, São Miguel Island starts receiving Jesuits, the masters of knowledge, from when some conflict starts to emerge as they represent the masculine energy, creating a separation between the orders whose intuitive vs scientific wisdom contains and equal mystical knowledge connected to sacred geometry, biblical codes, star symbology and so many more. 


In case of the organization not being able to carry out this event, the registration fees will be refunded.

If the participant registers but is unable to attend for some reason, the organization of this retreat does not refund the amount. The participant can take the initiative to find someone who would like to participate I their place, thus making the exchange.